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Bonus Card Terminal for customer loyalty : TP-3700
Bonus Card Terminal

  ▣ Bonus Card Terminal(TP-3700)

ㆍImprove customer’s royalty
ㆍThermal Printing on PET card with Mag. Stripe
ㆍCustomer’s Design printing on the backside of PET card
ㆍCustomer Management Program using PC(Separate Sales)


This is a very useful marketing tool to induce customer loyalty very effectively. TP-3700 will print the records of transactions of customers on PET cards.
When consumers buy products at a shop, the shop owner can give back some part of the margin as a bonus to them in order to make them its customers continuously. The shop owner can make its customers use the accumulated reward as cash or give some gift to them according to the reward amount. By doing this, customers who visit the shop once will keep visiting the shop continuously in order to gather more reward. Therefore, the shop's sales will increase much more than before.
TP-3700 is specially designed to support this process very effectively and conveniently.


  • A very useful marketing tool to induce customer loyalty for small and medium-sized shops
  • A specialized terminal to manage the whole process of giving rewards to customers in various ways
  • Able to see the sales history including reward amount directly on PET card
  • Able to choose Fixed reward rate or Free reward rate
  • Able to print 'Date', 'Sales', 'Reward', 'Total Reward', or 'Item' on PET card
  • Able to deal with 'Reward Use' and 'Refund'
  • Able to check the sum of sales for the day, the month, and the year
  • Specification

    Print Print Method Thermal Print Mode
    Printing Density 200 dpi
    Print Speed 3sec/cycle
    TPH Heat Pulse Life: 300,000,000pulse
    Abrasion Life: 200km
    MS Recording Method Magnetic Data, Frequency Modulation (F2F)
    MS-Head 500,000 pass in case of no load
    Track position
    ISO 7811-1,2,3 track ISO 7811- 2 track
    210 Bpi, 75 Bpi, 210 Bpi 75 Bpi
    Card Card Type PET Card
    Card Thickness 0.2mm
    Card Size 53.98mm W x 85.60mm L-3.375" x 2.125"
    Others LCD 128 x 64 Graphic LCD
    Communication RS-232C, P/S2(Key Board), TCP/IP
    Power 100V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
    Built-in Battery 6 months when power failure
    Net Weight 1.8kg
    Temperature Operating Temp 5℃ ~ 40℃ / 10% ~ 90%
    Storage Temp -25℃ ~ 70℃
    This video shows how the Pointman TP3700 terminal issues pre paid points for a bonus card. Customer may then go to an outlet to redeem the points that he has been issued with.